Alice's Diet that Works

Picture of Alice A diet is like a marriage, you have to want it to work for it to succeed.

Dieting is a life-long effort where you can't always eat everything you want. The secret to successful dieting is a lifetime of controlled weight.

1. Be aware of the calories consumed.
2. Eat plenty of fiber.
3. Exercise.

The best answer to the question, "How can I loose some weight?" is "Eat less." While this may seem obvious and maybe even insulting to the intelligence, there is more to it than meets the eye. Discipline is the key and successful dieting is a lifestyle,

What's to eat?

Don't deny yourself. Party coming up? Plan ahead. Cut back before.


Self-discipline a problem? Get a mentor.
Your mate or a person you live with is probably the best choice.

  • If you've had enough and you ask for more, the mentor must say, "No!"
  • Weigh daily in the morning before eating, drinking or getting dressed.
  • Make sure your mentor knows everything you eat.
  • If you feel like binging or gorging, remember DID: "Dieting is Difficult!" -- Call your mentor!
    Your mentor may have to be firm and say:

    "No Unauthorized Eating!"
    "If I don't feed it, you don't eat it."


    Get some exercise daily -- health clubs are nice, but not needed. Pick an activity each day that requires exercize. Walking, for example, is good.

    Vitamins (Daily)

    Realistic Expectations Freedom to eat what you want
    When you're at your desired weight on a weekend, you can reward yourself to eat what you want (without pigging out). This has to be done carefully and with dicipline. Too much free eating can trigger a yoyo diet (weight up/weight down).
    You might say: "Freedom is just another word for nothing left to loose." *
    Remember: If you overdo it, it shows up on the scale tomorrow morning.

    Dieting help on the web?
    There might be.
    Try the following Links:
    Start with a "Dieting" Query from AltaVista, Fast Food Facts - Interactive Food Finder
    Links of Interest
    Nutritional Kiosk
    And links for Vitamins and Minerals:
    Great Earth
    Nature Made

      [* Adapted from "Me and Bobby McGee" by Kris Kristofferson]

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